Edie's Sheep

Digital Manipulation

conceived 1996

Joe was employed by his cost-conscious mother to create a logo for her yarn and knitting supply retail business, "The Knit Shop" of Aurora, Ohio. (worth the trip if you're in the neighborhood- On the web at The sheep characters have since become an enduring symbol of her tireless dedication to the world of wool.

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Works on Paper

Joe's skills are founded on his drawing practice. He has produced and sold a broad range of rendered and printed work in a variety of mediums, from pencil sketches to computer graphics. Drawing has also provided a place where Joe's literary and visual impulses can exist together to mutual effect, each elevating the other toward the communication of messages of breadth and complexity less suited to more static media.

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German Soldier with Cigar Edie's Sheep 'Yes, Skeleton' Train In Vain