TA 152 TA 152

TA 152

Oil on Canvas 30" x 30"


An attempt to create a more technically oriented war painting. The lines of this particular aircraft, an eleventh hour fighter for the Luftwaffe designed to protect Germany's battered cities from the coming generation of American high flying bomber aircraft, hang between supreme grace and grotesque caricature as a form pulled the very limits of its potential.

The earthen camouflage so necessary to concealing it on the ground from the endless attacks of the Allied air forces seems sadly misplaced on its surfaces as the machine experiences a brief moment of unfettered congress with the sky. In the event, the few of these aircraft that ever flew against their enemies were used up with less defined purpose in the imploding chaos of the end of the Second World War.


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The foundation of Joe's work. In painting, Joe discovered the possibilities for visual communication and the greatest historical inspiration. His canvasses are largely earlier works, though he will return from time to time to paint on panels or found surfaces.

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