Lunar Calendar

Lunar Calendar

Oil Paint, White Clay, Colored Chalk, India Ink, Linen Thread, Paper, Wire, Cellophane Tape, Digital Reproductions, Digital Renderings, Slate Topped Wooden Boxes


From a request by the poet David Lucas for illustrations of his poem cycle "The Lunar Calendar". The concept was developed in concert with Lucas, receiving essential critical input from designer Rick Smith over a period of nearly two years. The result, wall mounted, creates an essentially functional lunar calendar. Additional graphic material was reproduced from the 1916 book INDIAN HERO TALES illustrated by Frederick N. Wilson, by Edith Tait, who contributed handwritten transcriptions of the poems to the box interiors and by Lucas, himself, who wrote each poem in his own hand for attachment to the exterior of its box.

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Wolf Moon Hunger Moon Worm Moon Pink Moon Hare Moon Strawberry Moon Buck Moon Sturgeon Moon Harvest Moon Hunter Moon Beaver Moon Long Night'sMoon

Mixed Media

Combining traditional mediums, found objects and unconventional materials, Joe plays, explores, and stretches his relationship to his work. Each object has been synthesized in concept and execution from the ordinary and the evocative into an artifact with a life all its own.

Lunar Calendar 'Uncle, Prithee Make Me Righteous' Don't Talk to Me about Sin when My Belly Is So Full Baby Che 'Relax Kids, Liberation Is Upon You!' The Last American Cold War Veteran From Truth to History
Untitled Vermisst, Verloren In Case of National Emergency