Cartridge Mask Cartridge Mask Cartridge Mask Cartridge Mask

Cartridge Mask

Buff Clay Raku Fired with Oil Paint and .22 Caliber Brass Cartridges


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Finished with "Hun Mask" using the raku method, this mask as well had much of the random smoky application subsumed by the controlled application of oil paints. Ends clipped from .22 caliber long rifle rimfire cartridge brass were applied in patters over the surface to enhance a severity that was emerging from the countenance, something speaking to the human insistence upon ritual and potential for violence. The rest of the brass was used in a necklace, now lost, completed in conjunction with the masks of the series utilizing small ceramic beads also adorned with faces.

Available for purchase.

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Joe's output in ceramic media has also engaged Joe at his boundaries. He has used it to explore themes fundamental to his vision as well as a place to play and investigate his inspiration and practice.

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