Head (Falaise Pocket) Head (Falaise Pocket) Head (Falaise Pocket) Head (Falaise Pocket) Head (Falaise Pocket)

Head (Falaise Pocket)

Buff Clay Raku Fired, Waxed


Designed to top a walking stick carved during Joe's military service, this tortured bust took full advantage of the carbon generated by the raku firing process, attaining a rich mottle that suggests both iron and coal. It was completed with deliberate rapidity at the close of a ceramics workshop that yielded several of the pieces visible here. This crude execution lent itself to the effective communication of the suffering of soldiers in wartime. While the subject is specifically German, its primitive qualities describe forces that transcend nationality.

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Joe's output in ceramic media has also engaged Joe at his boundaries. He has used it to explore themes fundamental to his vision as well as a place to play and investigate his inspiration and practice.

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