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Topper for Wedding Cake (George and Tovis)

White Clay with India Ink and Chalk Pastel


This piece was designed for the marriage of sportsman and Silicon Valley financial whiz kid, George Goslee to his lovely wife, Tovis. It depicts their union in a striding form invoking the dynamism of the Futurists rising to the ephemeral calm of Surrealism. The unified portion at bottom is intensely organic carbon black, and incised at its heart, where the impression of joined hands has been encouraged, with a common womb. While the two independent pinnacles- abstract representations of the couple's heads and their lanky physiques- look toward the future together with confidence, intelligence and idealistic purity.

Private collection.

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Joe's output in ceramic media has also engaged Joe at his boundaries. He has used it to explore themes fundamental to his vision as well as a place to play and investigate his inspiration and practice.

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