Russian Soldier Russian Soldier Russian Soldier Russian Soldier

Russian Soldier 1943-1945

Polymer Clay and Terra Cotta with Acrylic Paint


Joe's first complex artistic endeavors were in the realm of plastic modeling, with tanks and airplanes being his primary interest. Diorama building seemed to offer the greatest fulfillment of the particular brand of martial fantasy these kits engendered in Joe's creative consciousness. But, to Joe's mind, to be effective they required well posed, detailed figures to populate the battlefields and humanize the engines of destruction. For much of that time in Joe's career he had to satisfy himself with the commercially available products then available. Eventually he learned to manipulate these plastic men and alter their poses to suit his intentions. With his discovery of Sculpey, Joe took the leap toward designing and sculpting his own figures. This piece is a fond nod back to those days, executed in a larger scale using all the familiar techniques of building and painting that provided Joe with his technical subfoundations. The subject is an adolescent Red Army Soldier from the second half of the war, hardened and bandy legged from the long westward march. Accuracy of uniform detail and the use of negative space to guarantee as natural a representation as possible guided his creation. For greater rigidity, his weapon was executed in fine clay.

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Joe's output in ceramic media has also engaged Joe at his boundaries. He has used it to explore themes fundamental to his vision as well as a place to play and investigate his inspiration and practice.

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